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Religious history and belief systems.

Know Your Religion

Americans wave the religion banner every time they want to justify their opinions on practically anything nowadays, especially when condemning the political or religious beliefs of others. But the truth is that as a group they are largely illiterate when … Continue reading

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Trevor Southey

I first discovered the figurative work of Trevor Southey through his startlingly warm illustrations for Carol Lynn Pearson‘s poetry books many years ago. I was immediately taken in by their beauty and superb craftsmanship (something woefully lacking in so much … Continue reading

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Ground Zero Tolerance

I have listened to many, many arguments about whether an Islamic group should be allowed to build on a site they already own and have used as a school for over two years. The fact that the site is in … Continue reading

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Drash: Shoftim

The entire Torah (Five Books of Moses) is read from beginning to end each year in synagogues around the world. In order to do so, the Torah is divided up into portions. On virtually every Jewish calendar, you will see a notation on … Continue reading

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